LARBUS, S.A. has been more than twenty-five years operating in the milky sector. Throughout the time, it has been consolidating his presence in this sector, and extending his activity to other sectors like the meat one, and more recently to the sector of juices and concentrates, providing the necessary additives and ingredients for these industries.

Our personal account with technical formation and knowledge in the nourishing area, which allows us to collaborate with our clients in the technical advising, and the application of different commercialized products.

Like distribution company, our high-priority objective is the service to the client. Of this form, we are able to distribute from small amounts of product, to complete containers and trucks, counting on agile services of logistic, that assure our chain provision. Proof of it is our new warehouses in Madrid, inaugurated in 2008, consequence of our growth and expansion in the different sectors from nourishing activity.